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Many friends prefer to choose stable and heavy furniture when purchasing furniture, because it looks more stable and atmospheric, and the furniture that can be in contact with the ground at zero distance will give people a heavy feeling. This is also a common problem of all legless furniture. Next, the furniture legs sofa manufacturer will tell you why the thin legs of furniture legs are more popular.

Furniture sofa legs-the characteristics of thin legs

Slim-leg furniture, also known as Nordic legs or Danish legs, wins with lightness and lines. Because of its own characteristics, it enhances people's visual focus. It is very easy to become the savior of the cabin, making the whole home space more open and transparent.  In addition, the matching of thin-leg furniture is also very simple, as long as the legs are consistent, a good visual effect can be created. Strong metal materials can produce more concise thin lines, bringing in the lightness that is not metal.

Furniture sofa leg-thin legs make light spread more smoothly and transparently

In all kinds of home decorations, the sofa is the protagonist of the living room, while the traditional floor-to-ceiling sofa can block the spread of light to a large extent and is the first killer that affects the permeability of the living room. Choose a sofa with long legs, the light will pass more smoothly, and the light in the living room will be more transparent.

Furniture legs sofa-thin legs for easy cleaning

In addition to the spread of light, the high-foot sofa looks very large through the use of light and shadow. If there are fewer blind spots, the space will become wider. The cleaning of the bottom of the sofa has always been troublesome, but the cleaning of the high-leg sofa is very simple.

Furniture couch legs-thin legs are more beautiful

Most of the legs of the coffee table are not so thick, but the coffee table with thin legs can still give people a special sense of beauty. Unlike wooden slender-legged coffee tables, slender-legged coffee tables in iron craftsmanship can increase the fineness of the support to one-fourth to one-fifth of that of wooden coffee tables. Not only the lines are more concise, but the light is clearer.

The combination of the squareness of the furniture and the thin legs can create a feeling of lightness. For example, the combination of side cabinets and thin legs, whether it is a "straight leg" with up and down thin or a "symmetrical leg" with a thick top and a thin bottom, can give people a slim feeling.

For furniture that is not too tall, thin legs are particularly important. For example, the coffee tables in our homes are generally relatively short. At this time, the existence of "thin legs" can make a good balance visually, either from the center to the four directions, or straight up and down, the "beautiful legs" coffee table has an excellent temperament.

The thin-leg furniture legs are designed to improve the light transmittance of the living room. This is a way to use light to create a large visual living room. If you like a fresh and light furniture atmosphere, you may wish to pay attention to the furniture leg supplier.If you don’t understand, please consult us!Searchable"https://www.furniturelegssupplier.com"

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Post time: Apr-20-2021
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