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The quality of home life continues to improve, and the sofas in the furniture are constantly updated. From the previous solid wood sofas to the current wooden and metal sofas, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The legs and legs of the sofa are the pillars that support the entire sofa. If they are damaged, the entire sofa can no longer be used, so repairing the legs/feet of the sofa is imperative.

Your sofa feet/legs are damaged. The repairer must first check what material your sofa is made of, and then determine the extent of the damage, and finally repair it.

Repair method of metal sofa legs:

The iron sofa among the metal sofa legs has a relatively simple cause of damage, usually because the ground is wet and the metal is damaged. The general repair method is to find a suitable link pipe or kit and weld it to the sofa where the damaged part has been removed. However, this replacement pipe must be refurbished and packaged, otherwise it will affect the overall appearance of the sofa.


Maintenance method of wooden sofa legs:

If the sofa is a wooden sofa, there are many reasons for the damage. The air is humid/dry, damaged by external forces, and the paint surface of the sofa falls off. It is not a serious damage. The furniture repairer can repair, such as cracked solid wood, broken wood, bump damage, etc.Some large-scale or irreversible damage, or the furniture is too old (except solid wood furniture with collectible value), the repair master no longer recommends repairs. It is possible to buy a new sofa because the maintenance cost is too high.

The principle of wooden sofa repair is similar to the solid wood furniture repair we talked about before, but the specific repair steps are different.


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Post time: May-25-2021
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