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The style and type of sofa legs are mainly determined according to their own preferences and the overall decoration style of their own. But the stainless steel furniture legs manufacturer Gelan Furniture Feet will tell you what is the difference between the high and low feet of the sofa with high legs.

Generally speaking, high-leg sofas are modern and simple in appearance, but in fact they can also be matched with European pastoral and American style... High-leg sofas have great advantages compared with our general floor-standing sofas and low-leg sofas. , Is also one of the reasons why most of us will be the first choice: that is to facilitate cleaning.

Low-foot sofa: The low-foot sofa is very practical in terms of structure, and the overall height of the backrest is low, which is not only conducive to rest, but also reduces the outer size of the sofa, which saves more space. In addition, the sofa is low overall, so the base is also very stable. The low-foot sofa is relatively not too picky about the decoration style. The most important thing is that the color selection is very open and the shape is also very simple, so it is no less favored than the high-foot sofa.

From a practical point of view

When cleaning the floor, the underside of the high-foot sofa should be cleaned frequently. Usually, if something chubby falls near the sofa, it is easy to roll in, but it is easy to take; if the low-foot sofa is not fully floored, there will be a gap with the ground. distance. After a long time, dust still accumulates, and some small things roll into the cracks and it is not convenient to take them. At this time, there is no good cleaning up of the high feet, unless you deliberately check whether it is all on all sides when you buy it.

Of course, because the base is higher, the air permeability at the bottom of the sofa is also very good. The lower part is higher than the ground, so it can play a good role in preventing moisture and not easy to mold

From the material point of view

There are many materials that make up the sofa, such as metal, rattan, solid wood, cotton, flannelette, leather, and other shoddy fillers. In addition to choosing whether to choose high or low feet, the choice of materials should also be carefully selected. For high-leg sofas, the most important thing is generally the structure. It is best to lift up the sofa cushion when buying. For example, whether the solid wood keel racks are sufficient and not strong; the most important thing for low-leg sofas is the filling inside. You can’t tear up other people’s sofas, so you must find reliable merchants to buy them.

The above is about the difference between the high and low feet of the stainless steel sofa legs, I hope it will help you to some extent. If you don’t understand anything, welcome to consult us, we are a metal legs for sofa supplier from China-GeLan.Searchable"furniturelegssupplier.com",Welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Apr-13-2021
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