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A three-seat sofa composed of two sofas, but it will shift when you sit on it, which is very distressing. So, what are the ways to fix the legs of the sofa? You can let the sofa stay steadily in place! As a professional manufacturer of metal sofa legs and metal table legs, Geran will help you.


First: daily processing

1. Use a piece of foam cushion on the sofa leg, or insert a piece of paper into the bottom of the sofa. If you replace the foam with a rubber nozzle or rubber cushion, fix the rubber cushion on the sofa leg (available at hardware stores), and then Spray water on the surface of the rubber pad and it will do. You can also put a carpet on your feet.

2. 2. For the sake of aesthetics, if it is not the geothermal heat, you can apply wood glue on the floor of the sofa legs, and it will be easy to clean up later! Go to the Internet to search for "sofa foot non-slip mats" that are the same size as a bank card.

3. Generally, the small fixed parts on the sofa are enough. No need to artificially add any fixed parts on it. Most of the sofas are quite reasonable in design. You can put them down on the sofa, and there will be no safety problems. This can be assured.


Second: extended information

1. Ensure that the room is ventilated. Too much dryness or humidity will accelerate the aging of the leather; secondly, do not place the sofa legs in direct sunlight, nor in a place where the air conditioner blows directly, as this will make the sofa legs hard and fade. To

2. Do not use soapy water for cleaning. Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent not only can not effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the sofa legs, they are corrosive, which can damage the surface of the sofa legs and make the furniture dull.

3. Do not rub vigorously. Sofa legs can be divided into many types in terms of materials. The materials are different, and the methods of maintaining the sofa are also different. Remember not to vigorously rub the leather metal sofa legs during maintenance, so as to avoid the abrasion of the surface material.


In fact, for the problem of weak fixing of sofa legs at home, there are usually sliding problems. The solution is quite simple. The above is a simple collection of several very commonly used methods. Simple use of small parts can be a good solution. Solve the problem of the sliding of your sofa legs. If you have any questions about the sofa legs, table legs, coffee table legs or coffee table legs that need to be consulted or purchased, please contact us. Gelan metal sofa leg homepage: https://www.furniturelegssupplier.com/, mail: gelanfurniture@163.com, TEL: +86 13480550448

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Post time: Jun-04-2021
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