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In daily life, everyone knows what types of sofas are, but everyone should not know what types and uses of sofa legs are. Today, Gelan Metal Sofa Foot Factory will introduce to you one by one.

What are the types of sofa legs and sofa legs? What type, style and material of sofas are they mainly used for?


1. L-shaped sofa legs

It is produced by die-casting, stamping, welding and other processes. This type of sofa legs are mainly used in fabric sofas, mostly leather sofas.

2. Sofa with straight and middle feet

The appearance is exquisite and smooth. Generally, this kind of sofa legs are mainly used in low sofas and more antique sofas.

3. Horizontal tube-shaped sofa legs

With high polishing and polishing, the product looks relatively high and compelling. This kind of sofa legs are generally used in leather sofas, modern styles, and low-profile fabric sofas.

4. Sofa foot cone tube

Use high-quality stainless steel raw materials for processing and production, which are durable and stable. This type of sofa is generally used on modern sofas with high legs or simple fabric sofas.

5. Sofa trigeminal feet

Sofa tridents are more practical in daily life, mainly suitable for some modern fabrics or leather sofas. It has the principle of triangular stability, so it is very stable in terms of stability.

6. Sofa bent legs

Compared with the three-pronged legs of the sofa, the bent legs of the sofa have a more sense of design. The appearance is simple and tall, giving people a unique feeling. They are mainly used on some simple and individual sofas.

What are the things to pay attention to when buying sofa legs?


When buying a sofa leg, remember to choose the characteristics of the sofa itself.


You should also have common sofa legs and sofa legs of these shapes and types in your daily life, but it is estimated that the concept of use or matching problem is insufficient. The above is a simple summary of some types and uses of common sofa legs . Of course, there are some similarities between these metal sofa legs and metal table legs and table legs, which can be distinguished by a little distinction. If you have any questions about sofa legs, table legs, chair legs, coffee table legs or coffee table legs, you can contact us if you need to consult or purchase. Gelan metal sofa leg homepage: https://www.furniturelegssupplier.com/, mail: gelanfurniture@163.com, TEL: +86 13480550448

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Post time: Jun-04-2021
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