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This is how I welded a steel leg for the coffee table I made before my youth. The metal leg provides a unique and modern combined farmhouse design for the steel leg. , And then use a welding machine to fill any gaps, while increasing portability and strength. The special black metal and modern angles contrast with the warm imaginary wood of the tabletop, using classic durable materials to create a timeless design.


Metal tube

Argon arc welding machine

MIG welding machine

Band saw

Angle grinder

Grinding wheel

Line wheel



Bolt, flat and lock tighter

The way to produce a table leg


Step 1:

Create a model for the leg assembly

Designed the model of the table leg assembly and printed the drawings for reference throughout the project.

Step 2:

Collect and prepare leg assembly materials

Use a laser or cutting machine to divide the material to perform the required bevel cut. Cut all the parts needed to create and weld the design.

Step 3:

TIG welding inner rectangle

Start with the center rectangle and use the TIG torch to weld the center rectangle of the leg assembly. Make sure the rectangle is very square to build the rest of the components.

Step 4:

Measure external components

After completing the inner rectangles of the two leg assemblies, use speed squares and planes to ensure that the lengths of the parts assembled on both sides of the center rectangle are the same. Any deviation will have a significant impact on the rest of the leg assembly in the future.

Step 5:

Lay out the fixture

After setting up a square fixture on the assembly table, use the 45 degrees on both sides of the square layout leg assembly, and then fix it together with a TIG welding machine.

Step 6:

Connect the upper and lower parts of the leg assembly

Use a jig to arrange the upper and lower parts on a flat reference surface, make sure all are square, and then place the rectangle in the center. Fix them in place with a TIG welder and place at least two tacks on each joint on one side, then turn the assembly over and repeat the process on the reverse side.

Step 7:

MIG welding

After the assembly is complete, use the MIG welder to correct any slight deviations and large gaps that need to be filled in a more effective time.

Step 8:


Use a wire wheel to polish and polish the welds, and remove any rust on the steel while waiting for assembly.

Step 9:

Complete the metal leg assembly

Start with a layer of self-etching primer, then finish with a few coats of semi-gloss black enamel spray paint.

Step 10:

Assemble the pre-drilled holes for the legs

I pre-drilled holes to connect the table top to the leg assembly. I drilled oversized holes and placed the bolts in the middle of the holes so that the table can expand and contract over time without problems. ,

Step 11:

Install the furniture cushion

In order to protect the floor and prevent the metal pipe from sliding, a maple mat was prepared, bolted to the leg assembly, and a self-adhesive felt mat cut to size was attached.

That's it! Hope this helps you, please contact us to understand the process more clearly. goodbye!

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Post time: Aug-31-2021
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