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Whether for leisure or entertainment, the coffee table is a very important role. At the same time, it also cooperates with home decoration, and it has been raised to a new level. Many netizens like to buy a simple glass coffee table. The material is not good and can be easily damaged. If the leg of the coffee table falls, what should I do? Can it be repaired? Below, with these questions, follow the coffee table legs manufacturer Glan Furniture Leg, let’s learn about it together.

How to repair a glass coffee table with a dropped leg?

1. Distinguish whether the glass on the glass coffee table is tempered glass or ordinary glass. If it is ordinary glass, it can be glued with glass glue, but it is not as strong as before. If tempered glass is used, the effect of general glass glue is not obvious, and the effect of UV glue is better.

2. Find a few heavy books, put them in the corner of the wall, and stack them until they are as high as the coffee table. In order to ensure the firmness of the coffee table legs, use a string to fix the books, and then open a screw hole to complete the connection between the coffee table legs and the coffee table legs.  3. Use literary lace rope or firm colored rope to drill a small hole in the four corners of the coffee table, put it down in the corner of the living room, and then fix both sides of the coffee table and the wall.

Precautions when repairing the glass coffee leg table:

1. After bonding, be sure to put it in place without touching it or the things on it, and wait until the glue is completely dry before using it. Otherwise, it is easy to affect its binding effect.

2. Use glue to stick the glass coffee table. Be careful not to touch or put heavy things on it when you use it in the future.

3. usually pay attention to check whether it has come out of glue, if it starts to loosen, it should be replaced in time to prevent collapse in use.

4. If there are children in the house, it is recommended to replace the glass coffee table, because the children will climb up, which is very dangerous.

The above content is introduced here, I believe you all know how to deal with it. If you don’t know anything, welcome to consult us, we are a metal furniture leg supplier from China-Grand Blue Welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Apr-07-2021
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