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The wooden table and the metal table legs make the mix and match style more fashionable, giving your house a bright feeling. The design of the table strives to create a simple and innovative decoration that adapts to the spirit of the industrial age. It is elegant and restrained. The profound Zen meaning is the realm, the actual function is emphasized, the unique and unrepeatable artistic charm, this kind of home decoration, I really love, I don’t know if you like it or not?

The color of the carpet needs a very good choice, for example, it is very beautiful with textures, and this color is very resistant to stains. The house is not particularly eye-catching, but the decoration style is really very attractive. When you are busy, there is such a space where you can unbridled reverie, look, and read, how pleasant it should be! The style and lines are complex, the color is low, and the modern room style. The overall design all reveals an elegant living beauty. In fact, besides the creative metal sofa legs, a small table doesn't have to be placed properly. Isn't it better to have a stool like a gong and a drum? It can be a design in which the metal stool frame and the metal chair foot are integrated. Although it is very difficult to buy a house now, the fun of decorating a house is still great. The precise combination of accessories and furniture, unique humanization, personalized design, romantic and stylish personality make people forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and only enjoy in Jingyi Surrounded by people, you can buy some home furnishings when you are not at work and when you are okay!

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The combination of green and white looks very seductive and gives a very fresh feeling. The decoration of the house does not depend on how luxurious it is, but on whether you can make reasonable use of the space. The lighting design should choose a Western-style style, with a harmonious and natural color and luster, and it is very clean, giving people a visual enjoyment, from a different angle. The decorations are perfect, from the macro-level of the layout structure of the whole room to the matching of local size, location, and color, all give people a beautiful visual enjoyment.


Appropriately choose some furniture with textured metal furniture legs to match the turning-type design of the home. The design of the apartment type makes the decoration style more gentle, so that the decorated room is flat and delicate, which looks natural, relaxed, casual, simple, and simple. The edges, corners, and structure of the house look a little light and thin. The elegance attracts modern people who pursue fashion and tastes every style of life. Therefore, the mood becomes extremely rich.


A simple wooden table is placed at the foot of the metal bed, and the wooden table has circle table legs, and a pot of green potted plants is placed, which is full of greenery. The choice of every material, the grasp of every line, and the design of every function are beautiful. The styles and lines are complex and the colors are low, which makes people feel dazzling, elegant, and comfortable.

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Post time: Jun-15-2021
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