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Metal table leg has the advantages of lines, wear resistance, resistance to damage has a nice feel and plenty of style to make, but without exception, metal has a common problem, that is, rust. .

The maintenance of metal table legs

The maintenance of metal furniture legs should pay attention to avoiding the metal furniture from being exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the metal from oxidizing and deteriorating or the surface paint fades and cracks.

Clean metal table legs of method

During the cleaning process, do not wipe the surface directly with a damp cloth. better use a pure cotton cloth dipped in a mild detergent, and wipe gently.

For the dust in the depression, use a soft wool brush to brush it off along the gap. In addition, you should try to avoid splashing alkaline water such as sulfur, vinegar, methyl alkali, etc., which has a corrosive effect on iron.

In order to reduce rust, although you cannot cover the metal with paint, you can regularly wipe the surface of the furniture with a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil. This kind of oil is very transparent and can be separated from the air, but it is not very comfortable to the touch. It is suitable for decorative metal furniture feet that is not often used.

If the furniture feet has been rusted, use engine oil to coat the rusty area. Do not use gauze, sandpaper, hard tools, etc.

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Post time: Sep-29-2021
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