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Our furniture feet can be used for dining tables, desks, coffee tables, kitchen counters and islands, sinks, coffee tables, benches, etc. When you buy an outrigger from us, you can choose from the most suitable accessory options for the outrigger. Below, the coffee table legs bunnings manufacturer Gelan Furniture Foot tells you.


The coffee table legs can be easily fixed by the following 3 common methods:


1. Right angle metal plate

Fix the metal plate to the bottom side of the furniture with 4 screws (included). A bolt was installed in the middle of the leg, and the remaining 5/16 inch of exposed thread was screwed into the metal plate. The feet can be easily twisted for storage and transportation. A quick, easy and inexpensive solution, very suitable for light applications. Can be used for straight and angled attachments.


2. Direct attachment

The metal feet can be fixed without additional parts or services-they can be fixed directly to the bottom of the furniture using the attached screws. Heavier metal feet (such as our industrial metal cone feet) are suitable for larger, heavier tables. Hairpin legs are more suitable for smaller, lighter tables.


3. Single angle cleat

They are fixed to the underside of the furniture using the attached screws. Install the 3/8" x 2½" bolt part into the leg, and screw the remaining ¾" exposed thread into the cleat. The foot can be easily screwed for storage and transportation. A quick and easy solution, very suitable for three Leg tables or six-leg benches with angled non-slip pads or mid-leg supports on the table.

The above are three commonly used connection methods for coffee table legs. I hope it will be of some help to you. If you don’t know anything, welcome to consult us, we are a coffee table leg supplier from China-Gelan.Searchable"" .Welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Apr-13-2021
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